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Fanfiction with a title so long I don't want to write it twice...^^

Title: The Sly Fox, the Melancholy Scarecrow, and the Golden Sun God (chapter 1/?)
Rating: eventual nc-17, this chapter...PG-13 MAYBE R, if you're a stickler...
Genre: action/adventure, romance, angst(maybe)
Pairing: yonkakanaru (my first threesome fic! XD)
Warnings: incest, yaoi Evil bastards?
Disclaimer: me no owns nothing
Summary: I don't know how to summarize this fic...I'm not really sure where it's headed just yet, but I DO know that Naruto's in trouble and can't ask for help, Kakashi's depressed and lonely and needs Minato's love, and Minato...Minato has a son who's in trouble and a surrogate son who's depressed and lonely^^;

Come to my writing journal, because I'm too lazy to post the story directly to the community!XD

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