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Iruka's Shopping Adventure, 'Tis the Season Chapter 3 - It is Better to Give Than to Receive...

Title: Iruka's Shopping Adventure, 'Tis the Season
Chapter 3: It is Better to Give Than to Receive, But Why Not Try for Both?
Author: drivvenwrinth

Word Count: 2,369
Pairings: NaruIru
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Complete, Anal, Fingering, OOC, Toys, Language, WAFF
Summary: Naruto needs a little, NO a lot of help with his Christmas Shopping. Poor Iruka takes on the challenge and a whole lot more. A second attempt at the shopping list brings the two of them closer to a Merry Christmas. Shopping done, it’s time to give the gifts.
Disclaimer: Naruto belongs to Masashi Kishimoto, sadly that means I do not own it and have gained nothing but personal satisfaction from writing this.
A/N: Written as a Christmas Gift for my wonderful sister and wonderful beta fairyniamh.

It was the day before Christmas Eve, Christmas Eve was a big deal in Konoha. The entire village participated in the celebration, leaving Christmas morning in the realm of the small family get-togethers. Naruto used to hate that morning. He used to be alone. It was tradition now for him to spend Christmas morning with Iruka and sometimes Kakashi, when the copy-nin bothered to waltz in unannounced. It had started as a sad gathering of orphans trying to pretend they weren’t alone, now it was a time that Naruto cherished more than any other man in Konoha. There were a few years that he had to chalk up as total disasters, but now that Sakura was making an all out bid for Sai’s ‘redemption’, he no longer had to dread the hours of torture until the phallically challenged weirdo would leave his far too kindhearted friends apartment and let him have some time alone with ‘his’ Iruka. Just how Sakura intended to ‘rehabilitate’ the penis obsessed painter was beyond Naruto’s imagination, luckily for him.

“It will most likely be just the two of us again this year.” Iruka commented idly as he squeezed an orange experimentally. Naruto stayed quiet, he knew better than to speak up just now. “I’m glad Sai is getting along with Sakura and her family so well and Kakashi will be on a mission with Yamato…” Iruka sighed and turned sadly to Naruto.

The blond bit his lip to stop the words, but he couldn’t. It was starting to make him angry. Iruka had been moping all day. So what if it was just the two of them! “So, what you’re saying is that I’m not enough.” 

It wasn’t worded as a question and there was dark anger in his tone. Iruka’s head jerked up at the tone more than the question. “I didn’t mean it that way Naruto. It’s just… well, when you find someone special… and I really hope you do… but...” He looked away to hide the pain he knew was in his eyes. Christmas had always been a very special time when his parents had been alive. He’d lost that and suffered through every year until he had invited the young blond haired orphan to spend that day with him.

When Naruto had become a more accepted member of the village, openly recognized by the ninja and most of the civilians, Iruka realized that someone might just swoop in and steal his friend’s Christmas morning from him. That and of course his kind nature had inspired him to invite Sai to join them. He could be there for Sai when Naruto no longer needed him. It hadn’t worked out as he’d planned and here he was, still afraid of the crushing sadness he knew he’d feel if he couldn’t wake up to Naruto’s grinning face on that special morning once every year.

“If I were to find someone ‘special’ I’d still spend Christmas with you Iruka.” Naruto had just figured it out and felt like a horses backside for opening his big fat mouth. 'There’s no one as special to me as you are.’

“Of course you will.” Iruka agreed smiling falsely. “So, what should we fix for breakfast?” He asked as he turned away, changing the subject as if they’d just been discussing the weather and Naruto couldn’t resist the urge to wrap his arms around his friend’s shoulders from behind. 

“Silly man,” the blond murmured as he held on a fraction longer than he should have. Iruka didn’t respond, he was overcome with conflicting emotions. He wanted Naruto to be happy, to find someone to love; but he wanted to keep Naruto to himself forever and he just couldn’t see a way to reconcile the two.

Naruto was surprised that Iruka didn't protest seeing how they were in public and people might get the wrong idea, even if it was exactly how he meant it. "Come on, I want to get to the cake shop before they close." He gave Iruka a quick squeeze before releasing the stunned older man.

Iruka let Naruto lead him around from shop to shop. When they were done, they had enough food to last them a week. "We'd better get all this home before we end up needing another pack mule." Iruka giggled as he watched Naruto juggle a mound of bags and packages. He could feel rather than see the blond making a nasty face at him. He grabbed hold of the blonds jacket to 'lead' his beast of burden home.

Once everything was put away the two men collapsed together in a heap on the couch cushions. "That was almost worse than shopping for the girls."

Naruto was surprised to hear that from Iruka. "Now what happened to my sweet giving Iruka who loves doing things for other people?"

The older man snorted. "I love spending time with you Naruto, even if it's shopping for the others, but I really am looking forward to hiding out Christmas day."

"Just the two of us?" Naruto asked, really needing confirmation that Iruka wasn't in need of a break from him as well.

"Definitely." Iruka was too tired to pick up on Naruto's uncertainty. "I can't wait until all the gifts are delivered and we can just hide out here together." He didn't see the blinding smile his friend could not hold back.

"So... lets do it now."

"Huh?" The pony-tailed head came up and the tired man looked at him uncomprehending.

"Let's get them all delivered tonight and just hide out from here on in?" Naruto had his second wind. "Come on Iruka think about it!"

"But... the village celebration...?" Iruka still looked confused.

Naruto looked crestfallen, but didn't speak. Iruka's heart almost broke. "Well, I guess we can watch the fireworks from the terrace... and I do hate sitting through all the speeches and toasts...." He bit his lip and felt his own energy returning. "Okay. Let's do it."

Naruto jumped to his feet before picking Iruka up and spinning him around. "Yay!"

"Um... so I guess you'll be staying at my place tonight too, right?" Iruka asked as they retraced their steps away from Genma and Raidou's place. He didn't look over at Naruto, he didn't want to the blond to see him blushing like some pervert.

"Well, it wouldn't really make sense to go back to my place tonight... would it?"

"No, it really would be silly." Naruto's smile lit the street, but Iruka didn't see that.

They were both very tired after all the running around they had been doing. After showering, separately; and exchanging awkward good nights wishes they both fell into fit full sleep. They slept in and enjoyed a lazy day of loafing, cooking, eating, joking, and even a slightly less than platonic form of cuddling. Darkness came quickly and they snuggled up under blankets on the terrace to watch the fireworks.

Naruto reached out and hugged his friend unexpectedly. "I love you Iruka."

The older shinobi bit his lip. He knew that Naruto did not mean it the way Iruka wished he did. "I love you too Naruto."

He received a tight squeezing hug in return and it only made his heart hurt more. Tears collected in his eyes and he pretended to be watching the beautiful light displays. "No, Iruka. I don't think you understand." Naruto gripped his chin gently, but firmly. "When I say 'I love you', I mean I really really love you. I..." His breath caught when he recognized the dampness glistening on his most precious person's cheeks. Iruka's eyes were squeezed tightly shut.

He misunderstood. "You can't accept me... I... I just screwed everything up... Oh Kami..." A sob broke the air echoing the breaking of his own heart. Naruto didn't let go of Iruka. He couldn't. He gripped his love desperately, even as he realized he had lost all they had shared.

Iruka's arms were pinned to his sides in that desperate pain filled hug and he couldn't find his own voice around the pain radiating from Naruto and filling his soul. Out of desperation he kissed Naruto's cheek, tasted the handsome young man's tears. Naruto didn't register any of it. Iruka grew more desperate to make himself clear, but still couldn't verbalize a thing. He kissed choking, sobbing, gasping lips gently and still no response. Finally he forced his lips against the blonds and invaded the blond's very body. His warm, wet, loving tongue slid between the quivering lips. Naruto was stunned. He didn't dare believe it was real, but couldn't deny the pull. He held Iruka even tighter as his pain and love found a new outlet.

All the longing that had built up over time, all the pain, and fear of rejection turned to almost violent passion. Each man was stripped of all his pride, caution, and insecurities as layer after layer of clothing disappeared. There was no way for them to know who was stripping what off of who. Hands roamed over firm muscled flesh. Pert nipples were teased as gasping moans filled their ears melding together into a single sound of ravenous lust. Their bodies rocked together, grinding and sliding as their flesh became slick with the sweat of their exercise. Ejaculation equaled elation and joy, but even that was not enough to slack their hunger.

Naruto's sweat and cum slicked finger found purchase between his dearest friend's plump cheeks. He did not intend to be rough, he did not have the capacity for intentions of any kind, desire was the driving force. Iruka was as lost as he and did no more than groan as he was digitally penetrated, his hips bucking urgently almost immediately. He was stretched and slicked quickly pushing him further from sane thought. It was Iruka who took Naruto's swollen erection into his own hand steadying it as he impaled himself urgently. He was rolled, he was spread, and he was pounded; both men crying out mindlessly as their bodies channeled their emotions into ravenous desire pushing them to completion over and over again until neither could think or feel or hardly even breathe.

"Naruto! O Kami...." In an abstract way, Iruka was aware of Naruto's 'size', but as he lowered himself onto that beautifully monstrous cock Iruka thought he might die of the exquisite pleasure. 

Iruka squeezed him in the most amazing way. Naruto couldn't breathe. It was so wonderful. He was getting everything he ever wanted. Iruka accepted him. Iruka was in his arms. Iruka's arms were wrapped around him. Iruka was clinging to him and calling his name. Iruka was accepting him completely. His mind, his spirit, and his body could feel Iruka's love holding him tightly. They rocked, they thrust, they ground into each other each seeing to connect with the other in a way they had never really believed possible.Each blinding release only spurred them to reach for greater heights.

Christmas morning, they awoke half frozen together with a very <i>odd</i> sort of <i>frost</i> coating their bodies. Sweat and cum had actually frozen on their flesh. "Frost bite." Naruto croaked as he dragged himself and Iruka toward the bathroom.  "Have to warm up." Iruka was sluggish and sore in ways he hadn't known before. He let Naruto do as he wished, washing him from head to toe before bundling him into his bed and bringing him a warm cup of tea.

"Iruka..." His voice croaked. He was so ashamed and still hurt soo much at what he knew he'd lost forever.

"I wanted it." Iruka spoke plainly. "Lately... I've had less than brotherly thoughts Naruto." The other didn't look at him. He sighed. "I want to monopolize you... I want to keep you all to myself... And I would never want to hurt you... I... That's why I kept it to myself, I didn't want to lose you." A sob rocked him. "I'm sorry Naruto."

Strong arms wrapped around him. "I love you Iruka. I love you. I love you. Please, let me stay with you, forever..."

Iruka looked up at him, gently laid his hand on the scarred cheek. "Then you are mine and I won't ever let you go." This kiss was gentle, loving, and inquisitive.

"I want to give you your present now." Naruto whispered before heading out to the balcony to pick up their clothes and retrieve a small box from and interior jacket pocket. 

He handed it to Iruka. "The only gift I bought alone." He just had to make it extra clear how special Iruka really was to him.

The older man smiled with sweet tears in his eyes. "Thank you Naruto." After he opened it, his eyes went round. Inside was a pendant, a charm. It was a small black medallion. Inscribed on both sides in kanji 'Eternal Love'.

Naruto smiled sadly. "This way I couldn't chicken out. This way, I had to tell you." Iruka kissed him again and they cried together as they embraced.

It turned out to be a very good thing they had stocked up so much on food and supplies, since they both were horribly sick by Christmas Day. Tsunade, demanded a full explanation, threatening to hospitalize them for having two of the worst colds she'd ever seen. It was astounding considering how healthy both men had been only two days before. Naruto accepted that unpleasant duty, while Iruka died over and over again of shame.

"Well, at least I know now that it wasn't just a ploy to keep people from killing you." Iruka gave her a confused look. "I know you <i>tried</i> to supervise his shopping and I'm sure you did your best Iruka... but now that you have the <i>lover</i> card to play, maybe you can keep him from shopping at all." She reached into a her pocket and pulled a brand new ball-gag out and dangled it before the unwell men.

"Oh Naruto! You didn't!"

"What? I gave them all the stuff you made me buy too! You think they'd be happy! They got twice as much!"

Iruka groaned and tried to melt into his own couch. Tsunade smirked. "Good luck Iruka. You're gonna need it."


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